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There is no sound. What should I do?

  • If there is no sound when you expect it or the volume is too low or high, try the following solutions:

    • Adjust the projector's volume settings.
    • Press the A/V Mute button on the control panel or remote control to resume video and audio if they were temporarily stopped.
    • Check your computer or video source to make sure the volume is turned up and the audio output is set for the correct source.
    • Check the cable connection between the projector and your video source.
    • Try disconnecting and reconnecting the audio cable.
    • If you do not hear sound from an HDMI source, set the connected device to PCM output.
    • Make sure any connected audio cables are labeled "No Resistance."
    • If you are using a Mac and you do not hear sound from an HDMI source, make sure your Mac supports audio through the HDMI port. If not, you need to connect an audio cable.
    • If you want to use a connected audio source when the projector isn't projecting any images, set the Quick Startup option in the Operation menu to Off and make sure the A/V Output setting in the Signal I/O menu is set to Always On.
    • If the volume for the computer is set to the minimum while the projector's volume is set to maximum, the sound level may be mixed. Turn up the computer's volume and decrease the projector's volume (when using Epson iProjection [Windows/Mac]).
    • Make sure the Audio Output and HDMI Audio Output options are set to the correct audio port for your video device.
    • If you turn the projector on immediately after turning it off, the cooling fans may run at high speed momentarily and cause an unexpected noise. This is normal.
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