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How do I set up my projector?

  • You can place the projector on almost any flat surface to project an image.

    You can also install the projector in a ceiling mount if you want to use it in a fixed location.

    Keep these considerations in mind as you select a projector location:

    • Place the projector on a sturdy, level surface or install it using a compatible mount.
    • Leave plenty of space around and under the projector for ventilation, and do not place it on top of or next to anything that could block the vents.
    • Position the projector within reach of a grounded electrical outlet or extension cord.

    Projector Setup and Installation Options

    You can set up or install your projector in the following ways:



    Front ceiling

    Rear ceiling

    Be sure to leave the following amount of space around the projector to avoid blocking the air exhaust and intake vents. 111.8 inches (30 cm)27.9 inches (20 cm)33.9 inches (10 cm)

    If you are installing multiple projectors next to each other, be sure to leave at least 28 inches (70 cm) of space between the projectors. Also, make sure heated air from an exhaust vent does not go into the air intake vent of another projector.

    1 28 inches (70 cm)

    Note: If the optional external camera is installed, be sure to leave at least 30 inches (75 cm) of space between the projectors.

    With a partition:

    1 28 inches (70 cm)

    You can mount the projector to the ceiling at any horizontal or vertical angle.

    If you project from the ceiling or from the rear, select the correct Projection setting and, if necessary, adjust the OSD Rotation setting.

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