I see the message No Signal. What should I do?

  • If the "No Signal" message appears, try the following solutions:

    • Press the Source Search button on the remote control and then select from the displayed sources. Wait a few seconds for an image to appear.
    • Press the  gaming mode button on the remote control to select the HDMI3 (Game) input source.
    • Turn on the connected computer or video source, and press its play button to begin your presentation, if necessary.
    • Check the connection from the projector to your video sources.
    • If you are projecting from a laptop computer, make sure it is set up to display on an external monitor.
    • If necessary, turn the projector and the connected computer or video source off and then on again.
    • If you are projecting from an HDMI source, replace the HDMI cable with a shorter one.
    • Connect the video source directly to the projector.
    • Check that the source device is not sending a signal that has too high a bandwidth for the cable or the projector. Click the link below to see the supported video display formats.
    • If the other solutions do not solve the problem, reset all of the projector settings using the option on the Android TV Settings menu.
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