Nothing projects on the screen. What should I do?

  • If no image appears, try the following solutions:

    • Check the status light to confirm the projector is operating normally.
    • Press the  blank button on the remote control to see if the image was temporarily turned off.
    • Make sure all necessary cables are securely connected and the power is on for the projector and connected video sources.
    • Try using a shorter HDMI cable.
    • Try connecting the video source directly to the projector.
    • Press the projector's power button to wake it from standby or sleep mode. Also see if your connected computer is in sleep mode or displaying a blank screen saver.
    • If you are projecting from a streaming device, make sure its power cable is connected to the DC Out (2.0A) USB port on the projector. Turn on the connected streaming device or video source, and press the play button to start a video, if necessary.
    • Make sure the connected device meets the HDMI CEC standard. See the documentation supplied with the device for more information. If necessary, set the CEC function for the connected device again and restart the device. Turn off the projector and the connected streaming device or video source, and then turn them back on.
    • Turn off the projector and the connected streaming device or video source, and then turn them back on.
    • If the projector does not respond when you press buttons on the remote control, make sure the remote and projector are within range of each other.
    • If you are projecting from a computer, make sure it is set up to display on an external monitor. If the computer's display is set to an extended or mirrored mode, try changing it to external output only.
    • Make sure the computer's display resolution does not exceed the projector's resolution and frequency limits. If necessary, select a different display resolution for your computer. (See your computer manual for details.)
    • Check the video copyright protection and encryption. The projector may not be able to project copyrighted videos with updated or revised versions of HDCP encryption.
    • If you are trying to view online content, make sure you have an active Internet connection.
    • Make sure you selected the correct EDID setting in the projector's Picture menu, if available for your image source.
    • When sending 18 Gbps images such as 4K 60 Hz, use an HDMI cable (premium high-speed).
    • If the other solutions do not solve the problem, reset all of the projector settings using the option in the Settings menu.
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