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I can't see the images on my SD card when it's inserted in the product. What should I do?

  • Check the file format when copying images to the SD card from a computer.

    • Images must be DCF-complaint, JPEG files to be displayed, such as from a digital camera. Do not edit the images, as this may change their format and prevent them from being displayed.
    • Images must be named using the format ABCD1234.JPG, where ABCD is any combination of upper- or lowercase letters and 1234 is any combination of numbers. (For example: Pict0001, Pict0002)
    • Images must be placed in a folder named DCIM\123ABCDE, where 123 is any combination of upper- or lowercase letters. If this folder structure does not exist, first create a folder named DCIM, then create a folder within it with the desired name. (For example: 100EPSON)
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