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How do I playback my images?

  • You can playback images and movies saved on a SD card. This function is unavailable in the following situations:

    • When the document camera is connected to a computer using a USB cable.
    • When recording a movie.
    • When a 480p signal is being ouput from the HDMI port.
    The following files can be used to playback images and movies:

    Type File Type Notes
    Still images JPEG (DCF-compliant) Files with a resolution over 7680 x 5760 pixels cannot be played.
    Movies AVI (Images: Motion JPEG, audio: Linear PCM Files that are larger than 2 GB cannot be played. Output resolution is 720P (1280 x 720).
    1. Press the Single button on the remote control.

      The final file and thumbnail on the SD card are displayed.

      If a file cannot be displayed because it is damaged or too big, a black screen is displayed.
    2. Press the buttons to select the thumbnail for the file you want to display. Press the buttons to change the thumbnails page.
    3. Press the Enter button to hide the thumbnails.
      • button: Displays the previous file.
      • button: Displays the next file.
      • Esc button: Displays the thumbnails again.
    4. Hide the thumbnails, and then press the Enter button to play the movie.

      Press the Enter button to pause/play the movie.
    5. Press the Menu button to access the following functions:

      Rotate to Right Rotates the image 90 degrees to the right.
      Rotate to Left Rotates the image 90 degrees to the left.
      Delete Deletes the selected file.
      Split Screen The screen switches to a split screen display, and you can display a live image and an image on the SD card on the left and right.
      Return to Camera The playback is closed and a live image is displayed.
      Thumbnail Displays thumbnails.

      Note: Not all functions are available at all times.

    6. End playback by pressing the Menu button on the remote control.

      You can also end the playback by pressing the Esc button on the remote control when thumbnails are displayed. Follow the on-screen instructions to exit from the SD Card Viewer.
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