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Part of my image is blurred or out of focus. What should I do?

  • Try the following:

    • Make sure the camera head is at least 4 inches (10 cm) away from the object you are viewing.
    • If the surroundings are dark and the contrast in the projected image is low, the document camera's auto focus may not work correctly. Press the Focus button to adjust the focus automatically.
    • If the document has detailed patterns, such as horizontal stripes or checkered patterns, place a different document under the camera lens to adjust the focus.
    • If you are using a projector to display the image, check its focus.
    • Make sure the document camera (or projector's) lens isn't dirty. To remove dirt or smears, use lens-cleaning tissue. If necessary, moisten a soft cloth with lens cleaner and gently wipe the lens surface.

      Be careful not to scratch the lens. Never rub the lens with abrasive materials.

    • Make sure the lens is not fogged by condensation. If you've just moved the document camera (or projector) from a cold environment, wait a couple of minutes before using it.
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