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Moverio Assist Remote Assistance 

A remote assistance and inspection solution driven by Moverio® smart glasses.

Work Smarter, Hands Free

Enable field personnel to consult with remote experts in a hands-free, see-what-I-see experience.

Real-time Communication

Communicate by voice or messaging.

Live Video Feed

Work smarter with real-time inspection and instruction.

Sharing Functionality

Share documents, photos or video links.

Remote assistance, whenever and wherever needed*.

Remote Repair and Support
By “seeing what the field technician sees” in real-time, remote experts can provide the appropriate audio or text instructions, PDF service manuals or tutorial video links to help expedite repairs.

Real-time Inspections
Remote inspectors can see what the on-site team sees before signing off on quality control audits, approving repairs completed or suggesting corrective action.

Improved Bids and Quotes
Bid teams can leverage Moverio Assist to remotely walk through a job site with local account teams prior to issuing a quote.

Real-time Progress Reviews
Hands-free video streaming from Moverio glasses to off-site engineers or architects enables on-site personnel to take notes or make real-time corrections during a progress review.

Businesses with field service teams can benefit from remote assistance.

Complete Tasks Faster

Collaborate in real time with remote experts to complete difficult tasks faster and with fewer mistakes.

Increase Productivity

Utilize your “expert” resources to provide instruction in the field without the need for costly and time-consuming travel.

Reduce Costs

Reduce re-work and travel costs and increase customer satisfaction by getting the job done right the first time.

A self-service, turnkey solution

  • No complex on-boarding; get started in 5 minutes
    1. Create Account
    2. Configure Glasses
    3. Make Call
  • End-to-end hardware and software solution, backed by Epson

Pay-as-you-go simplicity**

  • Affordable — starts at $39.99/mo. per glasses
  • Unlimited users
  • Monthly subscription on convenient autopay

Designed from the ground up

For Moverio Smart Glasses

The user interface (UI) was custom crafted for the transparent, edgeless Si-OLED display of Moverio smart glasses. The UI minimizes visual interference by keeping information out of your line of sight until you need to access it.

See How It Works

* See service requirements

** See Terms of Service

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