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MOVERIO Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

The future is heads up, hands free.


Explore the many solutions available using Epson MOVERIO Smart Glasses.

DJI/Epson Consumer Racing Video
DJI/Epson Consumer Racing Video

Pairing Epson's Augmented Reality Moverio glasses with the DJI Mavic makes flying an immersive first-person experience. Pilots soar with their drones, and while filming a race, they turn from spectator to fellow racer.

FPV Smart Glasses for Drone Pilots

Enhance your flying experience with the perfect companion to your DJI drone.

FPV Smart Glasses for Commercial UAV Pilots

Maintain situational awareness during flight in commercial inspection, public safety and professional photography applications.

Introducing MOVERIO BT-30C

MOVERIO BT-30C is a usb-c compatible smart glass that quickly and conveniently connects to smartphones and other USB Type-C devices.

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