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Epson Legacy Papers

Designed for Artists Who Intend to Sell Their Prints.


100% cotton fibre paper with an OBA‑free satin surface. The feel of an artist's paper with outstanding color gamut and black density.


Classic baryta paper with a smooth satin surface, taking the best of revered silver halide papers to new levels of quality.


100% cotton fibre paper with an exceptionally bright, OBA‑free, slightly textured matte surface.


100% cotton fibre paper with a bright, OBA‑free, uniquely textured matte surface.

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Dedicated Craftsmanship

Legacy Papers marry the artistry of revered European papermaking with the latest advancements in inkjet coating technology.

Working with the finest paper mills in Germany and France we first specify the type of base required for each of the Legacy papers. Once the base is produced, advanced microporus coatings are applied using modern techniques for the highest quality and consistency.

Only after meeting hundreds of design specifications, while ensuring for a high rate of production consistency for the richest blacks, outstanding color fidelity and smooth tonal transitions, will a paper carry the Epson Legacy name.

Display Permanence

The combination of Epson Legacy Paper and Epson UltraChrome® HD and HDX pigment ink technology can provide up to twice the Display Permanence Ratings of previous generation inks, according to tests conducted by the Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc.

Legacy Platine

A very unique paper, Legacy Platine combines the look and feel of a traditional silver halide paper, but with a true fine art cotton base. With outstanding black density and color gamut, this paper is ideal for any color or black and white printmaking. Available in roll or cut sheet.

"The rich blacks combined with the incredible color fidelity enhance the film noir aesthetic in my "Sleeping Cars" photographs at the Fahey‑Klein Gallery. Additionally, Legacy Platine’s surface allows viewers to experience every detail in the prints."

– Gerd Ludwig

Legacy Baryta

Inspired by the original eleven members of the f.64 Group, this paper has the look and feel of a silver halide F‑surface darkroom paper. This is a true Baryta paper with two barium sulfate coatings, along with an industry leading micro‑porous ink jet receptive layer. Available in roll or cut sheet.

"Legacy Baryta gave me the greatest range of color and the palette needed for my body of work, Cathedral of the Pines."

– Gregory Crewdson

Legacy Fibre

An old‑world artisan paper, combined with advanced technology. Legacy Fibre has a slightly textured matte finish with a true white base color, making it a unique OBA‑free fine art paper with exceptional black density and color gamut. Available in roll or cut sheet.

"The clean OBA‑free whites of Legacy Fibre and the paper's wide gamut produced the highest quality for my Women's List exhibit at Hearst Tower's Alexey Brodovitch Gallery."

– Timothy Greenfield‑Sanders

Legacy Etching

Legacy Etching is a tribute to the classic hand‑made etching papers beloved by artists for hundreds of years. With a subtle textured surface, this paper delivers outstanding print quality without overpowering the print itself. Available in roll or cut sheet.

My exhibition at the Palm Beach Photographic Center, "Horse of a Different Color", was printed on Legacy Etching. The appearance and feel of the prints were beyond compare. The veracity of the colors and the fine rendition of the most minute details gave a three‑dimensional quality to each of my images.

– Monica Stevenson

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