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As the leader in PC-based controls for over a decade, Epson provides not only open architecture but also a wide variety of integrated options such as Vision Guidance, Force Sensing, .NET Support, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, and much more.

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Epson gives customers the power to select the right product for the job. The compact yet powerful RC180 controller is a great workhorse for most applications and the RC90 is our low-cost controller but it still has a lot of power. For more power, the RC620+ or our latest RC700 controllers are the ultimate PC-based Open Architecture controllers available on the market today.

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The Epson RC700A Workcell Controller is the next generation in Epson PC-based controls. As the leader in ease of use, Epson's RC700A continues the tradition of high-performance, open architecture controls that reduce development time and money for robot applications.


The Epson RC620+ PC-Based Workcell Controller leads the industry in ease of use, power and performance for PC-based open architecture robot controllers.


Epson-authorized System Integrator Program

We partner with a talented and experienced group of robotic system integrators that are part of our AutomateElite Program. Epson-authorized System Integrators are ready to evaluate your system requirements and provide an automation solution that will give you the return on investment you are looking for.

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