Setting Up Your Epson Printer on Your Chromebook

Most Epson printers are able to easily print from Chromebooks, but if you have trouble, click the button below to visit our Chromebook Printing page where you can find a list of compatible printers.


Note: Make sure your Chromebook is connected to the internet and has Chrome OS version 59 or later before you use the procedure below.

  1. Do one of the following:

    • To print over a network, make sure the printer and Chromebook are connected to the same network.

    • To print via USB, connect your Chromebook directly to your printer using a USB cable.

  2. Click the notifications area in the Chromebook shelf.

    Chromebook OS notification area highlighted in the Chromebook shelf.

  3. Click the settings icon or enter chrome://settings in the browser.

    The settings icon highlighted over the Chromebook shelf of the desktop.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Settings screen, then click Advanced.

    The settings section of the Chromebook OS with the “Advanced” section highlighted.

  5. In the Print and scan section, click Printers.

    The settings section of the Chromebook OS with “Printers” option highlighted.

  6. Click the Set up or Save button to the right of your printer's name.

    The printers section in the Chromebook settings with “Set up” button highlighted.

  7. If you see the Advanced printer configuration window, select Epson as the Manufacturer setting and Generic ESC/P-R as the Model setting, then click Add.

    Note: Do not select the Epson Generic ESC/P-R setting.

    Advanced printer configuration section of the Chromebook settings with the selections option of “Epson” in the “Manufacturer” highlighted and “Generic ESC/P-R” in the “Model” highlighted.

You see a screen like the one below and your setup is now complete.

The Printers section of the Chromebook settings displaying a list of saved printers.

To print, select the Image of the Chromebook OS “hamburger” icon consisting of three grey vertical dots. print option from the Chrome menu or press Ctrl + P on your keyboard, select your printer from the Destination menu, and click Print.