For Work Robots 6-Axis S5L Long Reach 6-Axis Robots

Epson S5L Long Reach 6-Axis Robots

High Rigidity - More Reach

  • High Speed
  • Low Vibration
  • Smooth Motion
  • ISO4 Clean & IP65 Compliant Models

Just like the Epson S5 Series, the Epson S5L Series of 6-axis robots provide superior performance and industry leading controls. The primary difference is that the S5L Robots have a longer reach. Whether you are looking for high speed, low vibration, higher payloads, more reach or robots for special environment use, Epson has the S5L model to fit your application requirements. The S5L has a rigid arm design combined with advanced Epson Servo control technology which results in high speed motion AND low vibration even when high precision high speed cycles are required. All S5L 6-Axis robots feature brakes on all axes and have the flexibility of being mounted in table top, wall or ceiling mount configurations. S5L robots are also available in ISO4 Clean and IP65 washdown configurations.

Epson S5L 6-axis robots are available with our industry leading PC based RC620+ or the compact yet powerful RC180 controllers. With a 2 tiered controls offering, customers can select the right controller for their application. Customers can also take advantage of one controls solution for their entire factory regardless of which Epson Robots they select (6-Axis, SCARA or Linear Axes). Plus, our development environment, Epson RC+ , provides industry leading ease of use due to the intuitive design and multitude of time saving features and capabilities. The power and flexibility of the Epson RC620+ PC based controller also reduces workcell integration by providing all the functionality normally required for a typical robot workcell in one compact package.

Industries We Serve

Epson S5L Robots are ideal for applications where 6 axis dexterity is required such as: small parts assembly, dispensing, machine tending, material handling, medical device manufacturing, packaging, food handling and many other applications requiring speed, precision, reach and/or smooth motion. Epson S5L 6-Axis robots are more commonly used in the following industries: Medical, Consumer, Food, Automotive, Electronics, PC Peripheral, Semiconductor, Plastics, Appliance and Aerospace industries. They can be used for a wide variety of applications ranging from material handling to medical product assembly. There are thousands of different applications that these robots can handle. Give us a call and let us help you with your next application.

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The Epson S5L 6-axis robots were made with maximum rigidity and performance in mind. Smooth, fast motion is achieved through the combination of high rigidity in the arms along with the superior servo control from our RC620+ and RC180 controllers. Also, with the S5L you get more reach to meet larger work envelope based applications. Add to that the wide variety of integrated options such as vision guidance, conveyor tracking, etc. and chances are we have the tools required to save you time and money on your next robotic application.

High Performance and Flexible Arms
  • Up to 5Kg payloads while maintaining fast cycle times
  • High precision with repeatabilities you come to expect from Epson
  • High rigidity arm design yields maximum performance
  • 975mm of reach
  • ISO4 Clean & IP65 compliant models available

Best in Class Controllers and Development Software
  • Epson RC+ leads the industry in ease of use to save development time
  • Two tiered controller offerings allow high performance or low cost solutions with S5 robots
  • Integrated options to maximize system performance and reduce overall development time (see options page for more details)
  • High performance processing power many times faster than competitors models
Fully Integrated Options
  • Vision Guidance
  • .NET Connectivity
  • DeviceNet, Profibus, EtherNet/IP, CC-Link Fieldbus Connectivity
  • Security/Audit
  • GUI Builder
  • Additional Axes Control
  • Conveyor Tracking
  • Clean/ESD Models Available

Used for a Wide Variety of Applications and Industries
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Consumer Products
  • Industrial Products
  • Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Semiconductor
  • Electronics
  • Food
  • Packaging

Core Specifications:

Arm Length / Reach: To Tool Point: 975mm
To P Point: 895mmRepeatability: +/-0.030mmPayload (Kg): Rated 2 / Max 5 (7Kg with limitations)Cycle Time: 0.49 secMotion Range:
  • J1 (Turning): +/-170 deg
  • J2 (Lower Arm): -150 to +65 deg
  • J3 (Upper Arm): +190 to -72 deg
  • J4 (Wrist Roll): +/-190 deg
  • J5 (Wrist Bend): +/-135 deg
  • J6 (Wrist Twist): +/-360 deg
Allowable Moment of Inertia:
  • J4: 0.30 kg•m2
  • J5: 0.30 kg•m2
  • J6: 0.10 kg•m2
Brakes: All 6 AxesOptional Arm Configurations:
  • Mounting Type: Tabletop, Ceiling, Wall
  • Clean: ISO 4 Clean
  • Wash Down: IP65

Other Specifications:

Motor Wattage:
  • J1: 400 Watts
  • J2: 400 Watts
  • J3: 200 Watts
  • J4: 50 Watts
  • J5: 50 Watts
  • J6: 50 Watts
User Lines:
  • Electric: 15 (D-Sub Connector)
  • Air: 2
Environmental: Temperature: 5- 40 deg C
Humidity: 10 - 80% (non condensing)Weight: 38 KgRobot Cables: 3M (standard), 5M (optional), 10M (optional)Safety Regulations:
  • ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999
  • CE
  • JIS B 8433


Robot Options:
  • Vision Guide (CV2 or PV1)
  • DeviceNet, EtherNEt/IP, Profibus, CC-Link
Software Options:
  • .NET Support
  • GUI Builder