For Work Robots SCARA LS3-B SCARA Robot - 400mm

Epson LS3-B SCARA Robot - 400mm


Epson LS3-B SCARA Robot - 400mm

Product Highlights

  • Residual Vibration Technology
  • Intuitive Epson RC+ development software
  • Smooth start/stop with high accel/decel rates
  • Fast cycle times to optimize part throughput
  • Up to 3 kg payload, reach of 400 mm



Performance, speed, payload up to 3 kg and a 400 mm reach.

Ideal for high-precision, small-parts assembly, the LS3-B SCARA Robot provides a high-performance solution with features including proprietary Residual Vibration Technology and intuitive Epson RC+® development software. Epson’s powerful servo system allows for low residual vibration, high acceleration and deceleration rates, and high-speed cycle times. Available in an ISO 4 Clean version for critical, dust-free applications, the LS3-B delivers a payload up to 3 kg and a reach of 400 mm. It also supports integrated options including parts feeding, vision, fieldbus interface solutions, RC+ 7.0 API software, teach pendants and customizable GUIs.
  • Powerful performance with minimal overshoot — powered by Epson’s proprietary Residual Vibration Technology
  • Easy to use — intuitive, feature-packed Epson RC+ development software makes it simple to create high performance solutions
  • Outstanding acceleration/deceleration rates — smooth start/stop motion to optimize cycle times
  • High-speed cycle times — maximize parts throughput
  • Ideal for high-precision, small-parts assembly — up to 3 kg payload, reach of 400 mm
  • Integrated options — vision, designed specifically for robot guidance; plus, parts feeding, fieldbus interface solutions, RC+ 7.0 API software for open-platform functionality, teach pendants and customizable GUIs
  • ISO 4 Clean models available — for critical dust-free applications
  • Easy setup — built-in camera cable for optional vision system; top-of-arm electrical and pneumatic layout with screw holes to mount additional equipment
  • No battery required for encoder — minimizes downtime and eliminates the cost for battery replacement and installation

What's in the box:

  • LS3-B robot and RC90-B controller
  • Robot power and signal cables
  • Epson® RC+ software E-Stop unit with cable
  • LS3-B Robot System Safety & Installation Manual
  • Connector set (I/O, hand I/O and safety circuit connectors)

Core Specifications:

Arm Length / Reach: LS3-B40x: 400 mm J1+J2Repeatability: J1 + J2: +/-0.010 mm
J3: +/-0.010 mm
J4: +/-0.010 degPayload (Kg): Max: 3 Kg
Rated: 1 KgCycle Time: LS3-B40x: 0.42 secsOptional Arm Configurations: Mounting Type: Tabletop
Clean: ISO 4 Clean

Other Specifications:

Motor Wattage: J1: 200Watts
J2: 100 Watts
J3: 100 Watts
J4: 100 WattsUser Lines: Electric: 15 lines
Air: 6mm x 2, 4mm x 1Environmental: Temperature: 5- 40 deg C
Humidity: 10 - 80% (non condensing)Weight: LS3-B40x: 14 KgDimensions: Mounting Hole Footprint(mm): 120 x 120 (4-M8)
Z Axis Diameter: 16 mmRobot Cables: 3M (standard), 5M (optional), 10M (optional)