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Epson Add On Instructions for Allen Bradley

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Easy robot integration with Allen Bradley programmable logic controllers.

Epson Add On Instructions allow users of Allen Bradley programmable logic controllers to seamlessly integrate Epson robots1. Users can program simple pick-and-place tasks, or complex PLC programs. Add On Instructions feature a rich set of commands that enable robot motion and system setup — all within the native language, so no additional robot-specific programming training is required. Ideal for regulated industries, these instructions enable users to reuse commands and create instruction signatures. With a single point of control, companies can simplify tracking, training and commissioning. Compatible with Epson’s full line of SCARA and 6-axis robots, Add On Instructions make controlled automation easier than ever.

  • Epson Add On Instructions with extensive functionality — enables easy integration of Epson robots with systems using native (Allen Bradley®) PLC-based programming1
  • Ideal for both basic and complex programming tasks — initiates simple solutions or highly structured programs, all with ladder-logic programming
  • Single point of control — machine control via a PLC
  • Reduce training costs — programming is done within the native language so no robot-specific programming is required
  • Lower your development costs — ability to reuse commands
  • Reduce robot integration time — no need to spend time developing robot-specific programs
  • Enable companies to create an instruction signature — ideal for regulated industries such as medical and pharmaceutical
  • Track revisions — easily track changes or view change history with a single point of control
  • Ideal for pick-and-place applications — streamlined, fast integration


Compatible Robots: G-Series, LS-B Series, RS-Series, T-Series, C-Series, N-Series, VT-SeriesAvailable Controllers: RC700A, RC90B, T-Series, VT-SeriesOther:
  • Communication: Ethernet/IP
  • PLC Compatible: Allen Bradley PLC with Studio 5000®


1 An EtherNet/IP board is required to enable communication between the robot controller and the programmable logic controller.