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Teaching with BrightLink® Interactive Displays

Leverage our training resources to learn how to use your BrightLink Interactive Display and transform your classrooms into immersive collaborative learning environments.

Getting Started

Learn about what makes BrightLink special and access tutorials that will teach you the basics about BrightLink.

Engaging Students

Meet solutions like EIT, iProjection, GoBoard, and Miracast that can transform your classroom environment in exciting ways.

Doing More

Browse even more ways to use BrightLink such as using it to mark up webpages or to facilitate online learning.

Laser-Focused Learning with BrightLink

Epson’s K-12 Education Laser Displays
Epson Laser Displays give educators the power to rise above and deliver laser-focused learning that sticks.

BrightLink Basics

Learn how to get started with connecting to your projector, using the interactive pens, finger touch feature and remote control.

How to Use the Remote Control as a Pointer

BrightLink Interactive Displays: The Basics

Product Guides

Create engaging & meaningful learning experiences

Easy Interactive Tools Software

Learn how to use Easy Interactive Tools (EIT) to easily engage and add depth to any lesson. Explore how to annotate, spotlight, and more as you design a lesson plan using EIT. Discover easy tips and tricks to create meaningful and active learning experiences.

How To Use the Epson iProjection App with your Mac or PC

Connect effortlessly from your iOS App with iProjection

Create, display, and interact with dynamic content

GoBoard™ Integrated Whiteboard Solution
More than just a whiteboarding application, BrightLink GoBoard software and apps make it easy for teachers and students to connect, create, display and simultaneously interact with dynamic content. With integrated AirServer technology, GoBoard also supports wireless mirrored display from student devices, including iOS, PC, Android and Chromebooks.

GoBoard Step-by-step Tutorial

Screen Sharing with Miracast™

Miracast makes wireless display easy. With no software to install or network connection needed, simply use your Miracast-enabled device to discover, mirror and interact with content on your Brightlink display.

Making your Projector an Interactive Learning Tool with PowerPoint

How To Use Video Files for Creating Lessons for Secondary Grades

Hybrid Learning

Learn how you can use BrightLink with video conferencing tools like Zoom or Google Meet to create collaborative hybrid learning environments.

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