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How do I project an image from my Chromebook?

  • You can use an HDMI cable to connect your Chromebook to the projector, or you can install the Epson iProjection app for Chromebook from the Chrome Web Store. Then follow the Epson iProjection app for Chromebook setup instructions to project an image wirelessly from your Chromebook. Use Chrome Web Store to install the version of iProjection which can be used on Chromebooks that does not support Android apps.

    Note: If your Chromebook does support Android apps, use Google Play store to install the Android version of iProjection version 2.1.0. Certain features are not supported with iProjection version 2.1.0, such as Audio output and Moderator.

    Note: You need to connect your Chromebook and the projector to the same wireless network to use the Epson iProjection app for Chromebook.

    You can also connect wirelessly from your Chromebook if your projector is connected to a wired local area network (LAN) with a 100Base-TX or 10Base-T network cable and the network includes a wireless access point.

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