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Home Accessories Robot Accessories Tool Adapter - (for G6 and LS6 Robots)

Tool Adapter - (for G6 and LS6 Robots)

  • Quick Solution for Adding Tooling to Epson G6 and LS6 Robots
  • Secure Attachment Mechanism to Z Axis Quill
  • Allows easy routing of Air and Electrical Lines
  • Supports Most Epson Robot Models

Epson Tool Adapters were made to simplify the connection of end of arm tooling to the robot Z Axis Quill. A coupler mounts to the Z Axis Quill of the arm with a tightening screw that holds the coupler to the Z Axis Quill. There is an opening in the coupler to allow air and electrical lines to run down through the center of the quill and then out at the bottom of the quill and through the coupler opening to then be attached to end of arm tooling. The round flange adapter is attached to the coupler to provide a secure means for end of arm tooling to be attached. Pre-tapped screw holes are available on the flange for easy and consistent mounting of end of arm tooling.

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