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Seiko Epson Corporation/Epson America, Inc. trademark/registered trademark list

Seiko Epson Corporation (SEC) and Epson America, Inc. (EAI) are owners of various trademarks in the United States and elsewhere in North, Central and South America and in other countries around the world. The list below identifies many of these important trademarks. The absence of a trademark from this list does not constitute a waiver of either Seiko Epson Corporation or Epson America, Inc.'s interest in such mark. This information is provided as a courtesy to Epson customers and resellers. Questions concerning these marks should be addressed in writing to Epson America, Inc., Legal Affairs Department, 3131 Katella Avenue, Los Alamitos, CA 90720. You can also visit the United States Patent and Trademark Office website at uspto.gov

Term Products/Services Type of Mark Owner
1080Perfect Projectors TM SEC
3LCD (and design) Projectors --- SEC
AbsoluteBlack Projector Lens TM EAI
Acclaim Service Programs SM EAI
Accolade Home Cinema, Projectors ® EAI
AccuCinema Projectors TM EAI
AccuPhoto Printers TM EAI
Accusembler Robotics ® SEC
AcuBrite Printers ® SEC
AcuColor Printers TM EAI
AcuGrip Devices ® SEC
AcuPhoto Halftoning Printers ® SEC
ACDT Devices ® SEC
AMC Printers TM EAI
Artisan Printers ® SEC
AutomateElite Services SM EAI
Backyard Movie Nights Projectors TM EAI
Better Futures Service Programs SM EAI
Better Products for a Better Future Slogan TM SEC
Beyond Amazing (3LCD tagline) Projectors TM


BorderFree Printers ® EAI
Brighter Boardrooms Service Programs SM EAI
Brighter Futures Service Programs ® EAI
BrightLink Projectors ® EAI
BrightLink GoBoard Projectors TM EAI
BrightLink SoloTM Interactive Module Projectors TM EAI
Built to Perform Slogan ® EAI
BusinessFirst Service Programs SM EAI
C2Fine (registered, but show as TM) Projectors TM SEC
CaptureOne Scanners TM EAI
CapturePro Services SM EAI
Cardpresso Devices ® SEC
Chief Entertainment Officer (and logo) Printers TM EAI
Chief Memory Officer (and logo) Printers ® EAI
Claria Inkjet Inks ® SEC
ClearProof Media TM SEC
CMO Printers TM EAI
Color Imaging Epson (and logo) Printers ® SEC
ColorJewel Inkjet Inks TM EAI
ColorBase Software ® SEC
ColorLife Paper ® EAI
ColorTrue Scanners TM EAI
ColorWorks Printers ® SEC
Connect-It SD TM EAI
CopyFactor Software TM SEC
Creative LearningZone Internet Site Name SM EAI
CrystalClear Media TM EAI
Designed for Excellence Printers, Inks, Papers TM EAI
DFX (series) Printers TM EAI
DigiScan Projectors TM EAI
Discproducer (logo) Printers TM SEC
DisplayTrans Media TM EAI
Dreamio Projectors ® SEC
Dual Lens System (logo) Scanners ® SEC
Duet Projector Screen TM EAI
DURABrite Ink ® SEC
DX3 Printers TM EAI
DX5 Printers TM EAI
E-TORL LCDs/Projectors ® SEC
Easy Management Projectors ® SEC
EasyMP Projectors ® SEC
Easy Photo Fix Scanners ® SEC
EcoFit Ink ® EAI
EcoTank Printers ® SEC
ELP (series) LCD Projectors TM EAI
Ensemble HD Home Theater TM EAI
Envision Services SM EAI
Eon Lamp Systems TM EAI
Epic Services SM EAI
EPL (series) Printers TM EAI
ePlaten Printers TM EAI
ePOS Printer Language Control TM EAI
EP-Scan Scanners TM EAI
Epson (use EPSON for trademark attribution copy) Product Brand Name ® SEC
Epson AcuLaser Printers ® SEC
Epson Archival Printers TM EAI
Epson CardMonitor Devices ® SEC
Epson Cinema Color Editor Software ® SEC
Epson Cloud Solution PORT Services ® SEC
Epson Color Shifting Label, Bronze Green Ribbons and Ink Cartridges ® SEC
Epson ColorReality Projectors ® SEC
Epson Connect Application Software TM SEC
Epson Connection Services SM EAI
Epson CreativeZone Services ® SEC
Epson Digital PhotoLab Printers TM EAI
Epson Edge Software ® SEC
Epson EpiqVision Projectors ® SEC
Epson ER Interactive Software TM EAI
Epson ESC/P Printer Control Language ® SEC
Epson ESC/P2 Printer Control Language ® SEC
EPSON Exceed Your Vision Logomark ® SEC
Epson Expression (In trademark attribution do not include 'Epson') Scanners ® SEC
Epson EZ Modules Robotics TM SEC
Epson FaxAdvice Services SM EAI
Epson GrayBalancer Software TM SEC
Epson Insider Internet SM EAI
Epson in Techrated Devices ® SEC
Epson Integrated Devices ® SEC
Epson iPrint Application Software TM SEC
Epson iProjection Application Software TM SEC
Epson MatrixCCD Devices ® SEC
Epson MovieMate Home Theater ® SEC
Epson Overnight Express Services SM EAI
Epson PartFinder Services SM EAI
Perfection Scanners ® SEC
Epson Photo Stickers Media ® SEC
Epson PhotoGarden Devices ® SEC
Epson Photographic Dye Printers TM EAI
Epson PhotoImagination Devices ® SEC
Epson Preferred Services SM EAI
Epson Premium Quality (and logo) Cartridges ® SEC
Epson PresentersOnline Services SM EAI
Epson Print Academy (and logo) Services ® SEC
Epson PrintCertification Services SM EAI
Epson PrintCreator Software ® SEC
Epson Rangefinder Digital Camera R-D1 Digital Cameras ® SEC
Epson RC+ Robotics ® SEC
Epson Remote Configuration Manager Software TM EAI
Epson Scan21 Services ® SEC
Epson ScanSmart Software ® SEC
Epson Scrapbook Central Multi-product Kiosk TM EAI
Epson Smart Panel Software ® SEC
Epson Software Software Name Brand TM EAI
Epson Store Internet Site Name SM EAI
Epson Stylus (Do not use Stylus without Epson in front of it.) Printers ® SEC
Epson TechExchange Services ® SEC
Epson TransPro Scanners ® SEC
Epson UltraChrome Hi-Gloss Ink ® SEC
Epson UltraChrome K3 Ink ® SEC
Epson Vantage Internet Site Name SM EAI
Epson Virtual Network Services SM SEC
Epson Vivid Color Software TM SEC
Epson Web-To-Page Software ® SEC
EpsonNet Console Software ® SEC
EpsonNet EasyInstall Software ® SEC
EpsonNet Install Wizard Software ® SEC
EpsonNet ServicePlatform Software ® SEC
ESC/Label Printers ® SEC
ESC/POS Printer Control Language ® SEC
Exceed Your Vision Corporate Slogan TM SEC
ExpressCare (design) Logo ® EAI
ExpressCare Services SM EAI
Expression Printers/All-in-Ones ® SEC
ExpressSite Services ® EAI
ExtendedCare Services SM EAI
Extra Care Services SM EAI
Family Photo Days Scanners TM EAI
Fast Turn Depot Services ® EAI
FastFoto Scanners ® SEC
FineFrame Projectors TM EAI
Flexion Robotics TM SEC
Font Digital Digital Watches ® SEC
FX (series) Printers TM EAI
High Pass Optics Scanners TM EAI
HyPict Digital Cameras ® SEC
Image Authentication System Digital Cameras TM EAI
ImageWay Services SM EAI
Instant Off Projectors ® SEC
Intellidge Cartridges ® EAI
IntelliFlex Robotics TM EAI
Joint Vision TVs and Projectors ® SEC
Just Fill and Chill Slogan TM EAI
Just In Time Color Slogan TM EAI
Knoware University Training Courses ® EAI
Labelty Label Printer ® SEC
LabelWorks Label Printer ® SEC
LC Tape Label Printer TM SEC
LightScene Projectors ® SEC
Link2 Software --- SEC
LivingStation TVs ® SEC
LK Label Printer ® SEC
LX (series) Printers TM EAI
M-Tracer Golf Analyzer ® SEC
MAGPress Devices ® SEC
MegaPlex Projectors TM SEC
Memory Insurance Scanners TM EAI
MetallicProof Media TM SEC
Micro Piezo Heat Free (word only) Printers TM SEC
Micro Piezo Heat Free (Logo – Diamond and Wording together) Printers ® SEC
Micro Step Drive Scanners TM EAI
Micro Weave Printers ® SEC
Microcrystal Encapsulation Ink TM SEC
MicroPiezo (see also TFP) Printers ® SEC
Mobilink POS Printers TM EAI
Monna Lisa Printers ® SEC
More-in-One All-in-Ones ® EAI
Moverio Headmount Device ® SEC
Multimedia Storage Viewer Display Devices ® SEC
MyEpson Printer Printers TM EAI
myepsonprinter.com Printers SM EAI
Network Screen Projectors ® SEC
Network Screen (logo) Projectors TM SEC
OmniLink POS Products ® EAI
OptiCinema Projector Lens TM EAI
P (series) Display Devices TM EAI
Performance Beyond Laser Printers TM EAI
PhotoEnhance Printers TM EAI
Photo Fine LCDs ® SEC
PhotoQuick Scanners TM EAI
PictureMate Printers, Ink and Paper ® SEC
PictureMate Charm Printers, Ink and Paper TM SEC
PictureMate Dash Printers, Ink and Paper TM SEC
PictureMate Flash Printers, Ink and Paper TM SEC
PictureMate Pal Printers, Ink and Paper TM SEC
PictureMate Show Printers, Ink and Paper TM SEC
PictureMate Snap Printers, Ink and Paper TM SEC
PictureMate Zoom Printers, Ink and Paper TM SEC
Piezo Pro Paper ® EAI
P.I.F. Devices ® SEC
Pilot Projector Controller TM EAI
PixAlign Video Camera TM EAI
Plug 'n Project Projectors TM EAI
Polyink Printers ® SEC
PowerLite LCD Projectors ® SEC
PPPS Professional Portrait Printing System Ribbons, Ink and Devices ® SEC
PreciseColor Printers TM EAI
PrecisionCore Printers ® SEC
PrecisionCore Heat-Free Printers ® SEC
Prifia Label Printer ® SEC
Print Lab Services SM EAI
Printing Without Limits Slogan TM EAI
PrivateLine Services ® EAI
PRO-UHD Projectors ® EAI
ProofPlus POS Printers TM EAI
ProSense Watch / HRM / GPS TM SEC
Pulsense Heart Rate Monitor TM SEC
Quick Corner Projectors ® SEC
Quick Corner (logo) Projectors TM SEC
QuickPass Devices TM EAI
Radiance (and logo) Software ® EAI
RapidReceipt Scanners ® SEC
ReadyInk Printer, Ink and Paper TM SEC
ReadyPrint Printers TM EAI
ReadyScan Scanners ® SEC
Remote Print Application Software TM SEC
Resolution Performance Management Printers and Software ® EAI
ReStick (see TM-T88 ReStick) Printers --- ---
Runsense Watch / HRM / GPS TM SEC
ScanWay Scanners/Printers ® SEC
Scrapbook Central Multi-product Kiosk TM EAI
Screen Free Devices ® SEC
SeaJet Devices ® SEC
SecurColor Printers ® EAI
Signature Worthy Slogan/Paper ® SEC
SilverFlex Projectors TM EAI
SimPull Projector Screen Tech TM EAI
SizeWise LCD Projectors TM EAI
Small-in-One All-in-Ones ® EAI
Solar Assist Digital Cameras TM EAI
SoundAdvice Services SM EAI
Spare-in-the-Air Point of Sale TM EAI
SpectroProofer Printers ® SEC
SPEL Robotics Software ® SEC
StoryTeller Software ® EAI
Supplies Central (use with Epson) Ink, Software TM SEC
Supplies Central (use with Epson) Supplies Ordering System ® SEC
SureCapture Software ® EAI
SureColor Printers/Ink ® SEC
SureLab Printers/Ink ® SEC
SurePress Machinery, Inks ® SEC
Synthis Robotics TM EAI
Take Ordinary to Extraordinary Label Printer TM EAI
Tape (and design) Label Printer ® SEC
Technology With A Future Slogan TM EAI
TFP (Show as MicroPiezo® TFP® or PrecisionCore® TFP®) Printers ® SEC
The Official Printer of Small Business Slogan TM EAI
The World Leader in Impact Printing Slogan TM EAI
TM-T88 ReStick Printers TM EAI
TransScan POS Printers TM EAI
UltraBlack Home Theater TM EAI
UltraChrome Ink ® SEC
UltraChrome HDX Ink ® SEC
UltraGiclee Graphic Art and Images ® EAI
UltraSmooth Paper ® EAI
Ultimicron LCD ® SEC
USB Direct Print (logo only) Printers, Scanners ® SEC
Virtual On Site Services ® EAI
VisionMax Document Camera TM EAI
Wall Shot Projectors ® SEC
WorkForce Printers, Scanners ® SEC
You've Got To See It In Epson Color Printers SM EAI

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