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Integrated vision guidance with easy configuration and calibration.

Designed for vision guidance applications, Epson Vision Guide makes precision robotic guidance easy to use. Fully integrated within the Epson RC+® development environment for easy configuration and calibration, this intuitive solution features a point-and-click interface that makes it simple for users of all levels. It also features wizards and auto calibration methods, plus a combination robot/vision simulator for rapid offline testing. With a single point of support for both robots and vision guidance, Epson Vision Guide allows for fast development and simplified maintenance. An efficient and versatile solution, it also includes tools to address inspection, gauging and barcodes.

Vision Systems Available

CV2 vision systems take vision guidance performance to the next level providing powerful solutions at great value. CV2 provides tremendous processing power for even the toughest vision applications. The vision systems contain powerful CPUs and vision processing that runs in parallel with Epson controllers, allowing for maximum throughput. Two (2) core models are available depending on speed requirements: CV2SA and CV2HA with the CV2HA being approximately 2x the speed of the CV2SA. Up to 6 cameras are supported: 2 USB and 4 GigE cameras.

Enjoy the complete performance of Epson Vision Guide conveniently from your PC, with up to 8 GigE cameras supported. Separate vision system controllers are not required for this configuration.

  • Integrated vision guidance solution — designed with tools specifically made for vision guidance applications
  • Wizard-based setup &mdash for fixed and mobile camera/robot calibration; with auto calibration and no-touch calibration solutions
  • Fast development with point-and-click interface — fully integrated into the Epson RC+ development environment
  • Combination robot/vision simulator — for rapid offline testing and development
  • Low-cost scalable system — accommodates multi-camera applications
  • High-precision parts placement — features built-in kinematic equations and advanced algorithms
  • Powerful vision tools — full suite of options for a wide variety of applications and industries
  • Intuitive operation — easy to learn and use for entry-level to advanced users
  • Powerful throughput — CPU and vision processing runs parallel with Epson robot controllers
  • Expansive camera support — supports up to 4 GigE and 2 USB cameras, up to 10MP monochrome cameras and 5MP colour cameras

What's in the box:

For CV2SA & CV2HA:

  • Vision Guide Software License
  • Controller
  • Camera (lens optional)
  • High Flex Cable for Camera
  • Ethernet Cable for Robot

For PV1:

  • Vision Guide Software License
  • Camera (lens optional)
  • High Flex Cable for Camera


Available Controllers: RC90 (RC+ 7.0 Version), RC700A, T-SeriesMax Cameras:
  • CV2SA & CV2HA: Up to 6 cameras (2 USB and 4 GigE cameras)
  • PV1: Up to 8 GigE cameras
Vision Tools:
  • Locate: Geometric, Correlation, Blob, Edge, Polar, Arc Finder, Line Finder, Box Finder, Corner Finder, Frame, Line, Point & Contour
  • Count: Blob, Correlation, Geometric
  • Inspect: Blob, Defect Finder, Line, Line Inspector, Arc Inspector & Colour Match
  • Read: Code Reader & OCR, Image: ImageOp & Text
Cameras Supported:
  • GigE: Mono (0.3MP, 2.0MP, 5.0MP & 10.0MP) & Colour (2.0MP & 5.0MP)
  • USB: Mono (0.3MP, 1.3MP)

Physical Specifications:

  • CV2SA & CV2HA: 2.1 kg
  • PV1: n/a
  • CV2SA & CV2HA: 232 mm x 175 mm x 70 mm (excluding rubber feet)
  • PV1: n/a
Environment: CV2SA & CV2HA:
  • Temperature: 5~40 °C
  • Humidity: 20~80% (non condensing)
  • Temperature: n/a
  • Humidity: n/a
  • CV2SA & CV2HA: CE, UL, KC
  • PV1: n/a
Image Processing Speed:
  • CV2SA: Standard type
  • CV2HA: High-speed type
  • PV1: n/a
CV Firmware:
  • CV2SA: Version 3.x.x.x (2.x.x.x is not applicable)
  • CV2HA: Version 3.x.x.x (2.x.x.x is not applicable)
  • PV1: n/a
  • CV2SA: 4GB
  • CV2HA: 4GB
  • PV1: n/a
Compact Flash:
  • CV2SA: 8GB
  • CV2HA: 8GB
  • PV1: n/a
Direction of Installation:
  • CV2SA: Sideway & Vertical
  • CV2HA: Sideway & Vertical
  • PV1: n/a
Power Source Voltage:
  • CV2SA: DC 19 ~ 24 V
  • CV2HA: DC 19 ~ 24 V
  • PV1: n/a
Rated Electric Current:
  • CV2SA: 11.57 A (at 19 V DC) ~ 9.16 A (at 24 V DC)
  • CV2HA: 11.57 A (at 19 V DC) ~ 9.16 A (at 24 V DC)
  • PV1: n/a
Interface Connections: CV2SA & CV2HA:
  • Ethernet (for communication with Robot Controller): RJ45: 2 Ports (10M/100M/1000Mbps). Pre- Bridge Setting for the 2 Ports. Available to be connected to HUB and Switch.
  • Ethernet (for GigE Camera): RJ45: 2 Ports (1000Mbps). Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Supported. Cannot be connected to HUB and Switch.
  • USB
    • USB 2.0: 4 Ports (for USB Camera, USB Memory, Mouse, Keyboard)
    • USB Memory: Only EPSON cameras supported
    • Mouse: USB Mouse that meets HID Standard, Number of Buttons: 2 or more, Connection Method: Wired or Wireless
    • Keyboard: USB Key Board that meets HID Standard, 104 English Key Board, 106 Japanese Key Board, Connection Method: Wired or Wireless
  • Monitor Connection: VGA: 1 Port, DVI-D: 1 Port (SXGA fixed); *The 2 Ports can only support Display of Same Screen (Mirror Display)
  • CON1 & CON2: not available for use
PV1: n/aStandard Accessories:
  • CV2SA: Mounting Plates (1 set), Power Supply Connector (1 pc), Connector Cap for CON (2 pcs)
  • CV2HA: Mounting Plates (1 set), Power Supply Connector (1 pc), Connector Cap for CON (2 pcs)
  • PV1: n/a