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Precision Wearables for Health, Sports and Augmented Reality

Forever changing the ways we experience the world.
Epson’s market-leading wearables are helping people around the world excel like never before.

Precision Wearables

Runsense™ GPS Sports Watches

The data you need to go the distance

Measure your distance and pace with lightweight and water-resistant Runsense sports monitors with highly accurate GPS tracking. A built-in Smart Stride Sensor also learns your running technique and calibrates your stride to help you go the extra mile.

M-Tracer® Golf Swing Analyzer

Capture, analyze and improve your golf swing

See your golf swing like never before with the club-mounted M-Tracer. It instantly and accurately captures multiple views of your swing for insights that can help you improve your game by establishing a more consistent, repeatable swing.

MOVERIO® Smart Glasses

Change the way you see the world

Epson is leading the industry in augmented reality with the smallest, most comfortable and most affordable smart eyewear on the market and a growing ecosystem of partners and hardware.

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